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Family Tree Counseling is not only a provider of mental health counseling at a physical site, but also has one of the BEST EVER websites & YouTube channels you will ever find that confronts the daily struggles some of us have in finding peace & calm in our lives due to a mental health problem- or psychological trauma/abandonment scenarios. You'll find a ton of help on their sites & caring & experienced professionals-who can assist you back to a place of homeostasis after suffering from psychological trauma or the many other disorders that affect our daily struggle to maintain our emotional, psychological, physical & spiritual health!
Jeanne 54
We are very glad we found FTC. Steve Cooper is an amazing consultant and has helped our family work through issues and get stronger. I recommend him to all my friends and family. Very pleasant and peaceful environment.
M Wolfe
Family Tree Counselling Associates is really an eyeopener of dimensions to me. I live in Denmark, and I feel so enlightened and comforted by your fantastic online resources and e-books. I have been very confused and hardbroken by a dysfunctionel relationship for a long time. And I haven't experienced anything like this anywhere else. This is psychological surgery on a deep level. You teach me so much. At the same time, I also feel a connection. Thank you for your professionalism, kindness and true true caring for people. I am SO excited!
Homecoach CPH
Family Tree Counseling, and Mark Smith specifically, are a tremendous source of inspiration and support for me. Within my very first visits I told Mark that I was "happily overwhelmed" with the many resources, options for therapy approaches and kindness that I immediately experienced. Mark truly and unfortunately "gets" the trauma of dealing with disordered and narcissistic people, so his help and healing come from the heart. The office space is warm and inviting, and one of my favorite keys to calm during visits is spending time with Mark's therapy beagle and companion animal Mr. Pauly! I love that little dog, a beagle who is part of my therapy team. Please visit Family Tree Counseling videos online on YouTube, which is how I found this remarkable group. Never give up - you are worth the battle and Family Tree will help you heal.
Jen C
Family Tree Counseling Associates have been and continue to be an invaluable source of support for me, in terms of my recovery journey. They are professional, insightful, knowledgeable and most of all incredibly caring about their clients. Without Family Tree Counseling Associates, I would have struggled to make sense of my emotional well being, the abusive relationship patterns I was enmeshed in and my past childhood issues. Their online videos often tackle sensitive issues that affect so many people and they always offer supportive strategies to deal with them. I am forever grateful to this wonderful service and would urge anyone requiring therapy, or support to work with them and to access their thought provoking online videos.
R Webb